Safety Synopsis

It is the belief of Walzel Technical Services, Inc. that our people are our most important asset and that the preservation of employee Safety and Health must remain a constant consideration in every phase of our business. It is our intent that accident prevention be a primary importance in all phases of operation and administration.

The prevention of accidents is an objective affecting all levels of our company and its operations. It is therefore, a basic requirement that all supervisors make the safety of all employees an integral part of his or her regular function. It is equally the duty of each employee to accept and follow established safety regulations and procedures. Therefore, our program has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.

Our policy covers hazards and rules, which are applicable to all of the company’s projects. There are some specific hazards that differ from site to site, so we adhere to the most stringent rules that apply to each site, specific to the work performed with the intent to maintain a Safety and Health Program that observes standards of conduct consistent with the best practices of the industry.

It is the duty of each and every employee to know the safety rules, and conduct his or her work in compliance with those rules. Every effort on our part will be made to provide adequate training to employees. If an employee is ever in doubt about how to do a job or task safely, Walzel has an open door policy where any employee can ask questions and express concerns in order to alleviate such doubt. Employees are expected to assist management in accident prevention activities as well as demonstrate responsibility by actively caring for his or her own safety and the safety of their fellow co-workers.

We at Walzel Technical Services strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment while holding high expectations of our employees to work in a safe and healthy manner. With the combined efforts of our employees, management and clients our safety program has been a success. We make it a point to review our plan and procedures on an annual basis in order to address any new rules, regulations and concerns of the industry.

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