Walzel, Here for your inspection needs.

With the combined experience and expertise of our Management team and Inspectors, Walzel has the ability to provide specialty services for your project from start to finish.
Walzel’s primary objective is to provide third party inspection services to the oil and gas markets and to other major construction projects worldwide. During the past 31 plus years, Walzel has been used as THE major third party management and inspection firm on numerous projects. We have contracted personnel with in-depth expertise in fields such as construction management, material control, expediting, welding inspection, instrumentation inspection, PMI, Ferrite Testing, Hardness Testing, Video Testing, drafting, document control, traceability, CVA, computer programming, secretarial services, general office personnel, NACE coating inspection, API inspection, as well as vendor surveillance and complete documentation. We also maintain a group of Shell tested ultrasonic inspectors and magnetic particle inspectors. Other specialty services available are Welding Foreman, Supervisors & Superintendents, Pipe & Structural Welders, Fitters, Safety Personnel, and Helpers. Our office is located in Ingleside, Texas. We presently have personnel working along the gulf coast on various projects. The choice is clear, call Walzel for all of your project needs. Read More